Back Shaver Razor for men

If you struggle with how to get rid of back hair in hard to reach places, the SHAVERMEN Back Shaver Razor for men is for you. No more waiting for a helping hand, no more use of harsh chemicals or painful waxing. Do it yourself using our guide book with simple tips that will help you get the best result.

3 Blades Set for Back Shaver Razor​

Need more replacement heads?

BACK SHAVER, 3 BLADES SET: Our Back Shaver blade set come in packs of 3 and are individually packaged.
RIGHT ANGLE: Our Back Shaver Replacement Heads maintain just the right angle to rid your back hair issues in minutes
WET/DRY: Ability to use wet or dry
LAST LONGER: Typically each blade will last between 6-7 shaves. Safety Blade Reduces Risk of Cutting.

Shavermen 3 blades set

Why our Back Shaver is the best way
to get rid of your undesired back hair ?

Back hair removal

Struggling to get rid of your back hair?

Our Back shaver is the perfect solution to your back and body grooming needs

Back hair removal

Waxing is painful

As waxing involves the hair being pulled from the root, it's obviously going to hurt more than simply shaving it off

BAck hair removal

Chemical creams are dangerous

Creams contain strong chemicals that could damage your skin, causing both thermal and chemical burns

men back hair removal

SHAVERMEN Keeps it simple and effective

1. Affordable
2. Easy to use
3. Baby smooth back in 10'
4. Pain free

Don't want to look like an orangutan?


Our mission is to forge the next generation of men to be more assertive, yet proud to freely state that looks matter to them and they love the feeling of shaving or just looking amazing to take the challenges of today.

Beard Trimming and Shaping Kit

UNLIKE OTHER BEARD KITS: Which include low quality and non-useful products, Shavermen knows what you need! Our Beard Trimming, Shaping and Styling Tool Kit include a beard shaping tool to design your favorite beard style, a beard scissor, a beard catcher (No more cleaning up or getting into a discussion with your partner because you didn’t clean up after shaving) a travel bag and a useful guidebook. This means getting the cool looking beard you love in less time!

Grooming Beard Kit - Styling Template Tool by Shavermen

LOOKS GOOD & FEELS STURDY: beard bush is made of bamboo with 100% boar bristle and the beard comb is made of pear wood. Bonus folding / pocket comb works great for mustache and beard.
HELPS ITCH & SOFTENING: the bristles’s brush are strong enough to help with beard itch and as you use it, you will feel your beard softer, also help with FRIZZ as it balances the hair’s electrical charge, no static electricity. Perfect tool to use with a Beard Balms or oils.