About Shavermen


Welcome to Shavermen! A beauty product company for men.

No, you did not just misread that! Our company is dedicated to one and only purpose. To eradicate the inequality between men and women, especially when it comes to beauty standards, and encourage more and more men to take care of their body and impress with their looks.

In a spirit-crushing society where men sometimes get laughed at or even ridiculed for wanting to look their best, we want our company and our products to be a free invitation to all men across the world who want to take the reins and be confident with their decisions. Besides, it’s that lack of confidence that brings about clichés and inequality standards, not the act of caring for your body and physical appearance.

Our products speak to the man who knows what he wants and is decisive enough to pursue it. Our one and only mission is to forge the next generation of men to be more assertive, yet proud to freely state that looks matter to them and they love the feeling of shaving or putting cream on their face.

After all, it’s a fact of life that the vast majority of women dislike men who don’t like taking care of their body. What’s even worse, they loathe men that are too embarrassed or scared to do or say something about it. In your quest of looking for the best men’s beauty products, we want to be as supportive and helpful as humanly possible. That’s why we want you to step out of the shadows and ask us any questions you might have about our products and we’ll do our best to address them.

In fact, we may not be a family business but that does not mean that a customer will ever feel anything less than family when shopping from us! So browse through our store, pick up something that you like and don’t be afraid to share your newfound source of handsomeness with your friends and loved ones!